Paintings for Psychotherapy Offices

As Co-Director of the Relationship Institute for the past 30 years, one of my responsibilities has been designing and decorating our offices. This job has expanded exponentially as we’ve grown from a two-office suite to three locations with over twenty psychotherapy rooms. I’ve carefully chosen the colors and furniture to match the ambience of the entire office, and create a soothing and safe environment for clients and staff alike. In addition, one of my great joys has been to create acrylic paintings of landscapes, florals and/or abstracts for each office – considering the moods and tones of each room.  You can see some of my work here

When I retired from active psychotherapy in 2021 I began working as a full-time artist in the Asheville, North Carolina River Arts district at my studio. If you’re in Asheville, please come and visit my studio at Curve Studios.

I’m now excited to announce that I’m available to create original paintings for YOUR psychotherapy office. I can create paintings for psychotherapists in individual solo practice as well as group practices. 

Paintings can be a variety of sizes. The most common sizes in our offices have been 36 x 48 inches and 40 x 40 inches.


If you’d like to speak with me about having paintings done for your office, I’m available for a free thirty minute consultation. Just call me at (248) 361-6169; text me at (248) 361-6169 or email at me to set that up!