Shirley Bavonese Bio

I am an artist. I find excitement in painting landscapes and abstracts.

I received my undergraduate degree from Wayne State University and my Master’s degree from the University of Michigan. I met my husband Joe in Michigan, and we have three adult children. We decided to move to Asheville for our retirement, drawn to the natural beauty of the mountains and the vibrant art environment.

Artist Statement – Shirley Bavonese

My younger self created representational artwork with a focus on portraits using pastels, charcoal and colored pencils. My excitement now comes from losing the detail and painting broadly using acrylics to capture the dancing of light that quickly changes and shifts on landscapes. I also delight in chasing early and setting light reflecting off clouds, grasses, or water. Exhilaration also comes from intense color, both those reflecting in the environment and those created. Color equals vibration and has my full attention while I paint. It is important to express a sense of place and feeling in my work. I’m striving to inspire viewers to stop and freeze the thrill of the moment of what I see and feel. It is my goal to move to a more Impressionistic flavor – and pushing even further to Abstract – while holding onto the feelings and reflective moment.